When the five eternal substances – Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth combine to form the human body, they do so by creating three vital energies, or Doshas.

These are the forces that govern all psycho-physiological functions in the body and mind respectively. They construct the body and serve to maintain it in a dynamic state of health. However, when these vital forces are disturbed, due to improper gross or subtle factors, the body- mind connection begins to suffer and the disease process begins.

It is the most powerful among the Doshas. Formed by the interaction of space and air, Vata is movement, the body in motion.

If Vata is predominant in the personal constitution, fasting should be avoided. Strenuous physical exertion and working in air-conditioned rooms should also be avoided, as well as strong chiropractic treatments.

Vata types should try to stay in warm and humid locations to create a quiet, safe, and comfortable environment.

Oil baths, regularity, good food and beverages, and consistent peace and quiet are healing for the Vata type. In particular, gentle and relaxing massages with Ayurvedic oils are recommended.

Formed by the interaction of fire and water…the polarity of these two elements plays an important role for Pitta, which regulates the body metabolism and transformations in the body’s form.

For people with very pronounced Pitta, it is very important to avoid extremes.

Exercise is good for the Pitta type to blow off steam, but the best activities are those of moderate exertion such as jogging, dancing, or cycling. The same applies to food; here, above all, very large portions should be avoided.Otherwise, it helps to stay away from sources of heat and instead look for a cool, well-ventilated environment. Feelings should be expressed calmly.

Deep massages with Ayurvedic  oil is good.

It is formed by the structural properties of earth, with water in its role as a lubricant to different tissues of the body, which also aids strength and adds stamina to the body.

Warm light food, dry food, cooked without much water, minimum of butter, oil and sugar are recommended for this body type.

It is good to avoid the “digestive nap” during the day and to look for exciting situations instead. Running and a workplace without (too much) sitting will keep the Kapha

type fit. Deep massages with warm herbal oils are very useful stimulants and

an Ayurvedic detoxification Panchakarma health retreat) is his/her fountain of

youth. With these means, the Kapha person will not experience any stress,

rather exhilaration.