Our testimonial page serves as a platform to keep you informed about how our clients have benefited from Ayurvedic consultations, diet & lifestyle changes, herbal products and services.

To get a feel about the wonders of Ayurveda and what we do at beAyur – do read our client testimonials below!

Really good experience! The treatments made a speedy improvement to my wellbeing, very noticeable increase in my energy level and reduction in excess weight. Clean & efficient, highly professional, uplifting in general.

Mr Robbins


Thank you Dr Dharna for your medical guidance. Treatment has been extremely effective and I can see visible improvements. The detox has helped in the recovery and helped to reset my system. Thank you once again!

Mr P. S.


Dr Dharna is very patient, kind and knowledgable. She has helped with my eczema which has troubled me for months!

Ms Lim


The detox process I undertook with advice from Dr Dharna helped me feel great & reduced my weight. This led to an improvement of my health in a visible manner. Thank you!

Mr Logan


Acidity & Indigestion – It has been a fantastic experience working with Dr Dharna for her advice. I’m getting better!

Mr Aggarwala


Dr Dharna has been very patient. She listened to all my concerns and gave me a diet plan to help me. I can see a significant difference thanks to her. Overall I would definitely recommend her!

Ms Kaur


Recommend!! Dr Dharna has resolved my longstanding imbalances through the understanding of my symptoms and balancing Doshas!

Mr Anthony


Dr Dharna is an excellent physician. She listens patiently and explains all the treatment options well. She is open to any questions. It’s just a month that I met her for my lower back and knee pain & I already feel much better. I appreciate Dr Dharna for her care and also highly recommend her.



Thank you Dr Dharna for helping me treat my eczema! My flare-up of 7 months which couldn’t be treated by steroids is finally improved thanks to you. I feel really good. Looking forward to completing my treatment with you. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much Dr Dharna for treating my problems. I am really feeling much better, thank you for the diet chart. It has helped a lot in treating my migraine and acidity.

Ms Dubey