SGD $100

Dr Dharna has more than 10 years of experience. She will perform an Ayurvedic “pulse reading & tongue diagnosis“. This is key to know about the status of your Agni (Digestion) and Ama (Toxins). These are the main factors that impact the state of health or disease.

She’ll go through a list of questions about your health history and current status of your health, lifestyle habits and more!

After the assessment, a personalised plan will be created which includes diet, lifestyle modifications, yoga, herbs, or supplements – to help YOU attain an optimal and balanced body.

(inclusive of two follow ups)

SGD $600

Join us on this two week journey of GUT EASE | GUT BALANCE | GUT CLEANSE

We’ll take you through:

1) A Detailed Ayurvedic consultation on the 1st day

Followed by

2) A Detox Plan designed for you

3) Lifestyle and Diet guidelines

4) Take-home diet pack

(inclusive of two follow ups)

SGD $899

This comprehensive plan will provide you with an Ayurvedic Consultation & Body type analysis inclusive of TWO Follow Ups and THREE one-one yoga sessions!

The aim of this program is to help you achieve gut balance through targeting toxins, cleansing your gut, providing you with a diet plan AND a pre+post detox Yoga plan! Achieve all this in just a mere 16 days!