Hello all, I am Dr. Dharna, a qualified Ayurvedic Consultant and practitioner.

I left home at the age of 19 to study Ayurveda in one of the most prestigious universities in India. Every day was a new learning experience for me and as the day passed, my understanding, belief and passion for Ayurveda grew.

Having completed my bachelor’s degree in 2008, it has been over 12 years in practice in the health and wellness industry; with experience practicing Ayurvedic Medicine in private clinics, large multi-specialty hospitals and on the online space.

Treating patients with various health conditions and using my knowledge and experience of Ayurvedic medicines has been a fulfilling experience.

Ayurvedic Consultation: What’s my approach?

Ayurvedic “pulse reading & tongue diagnosis “ are key to know about the status of Agni (Digestion) and Ama (Toxins).

These are the main factors that decide the state of health or disease.

I’ll go through a list of questions about your health history and current status of your health, lifestyle habits and more!

After the complete assessment, I’ll then create a personalized plan that includes diet, lifestyle modifications, yoga, herbs, or supplements – utilized to attain an optimal and balanced potential.

I believe in prevention of disease in the first instance so I will guide my clients through these customized diet plans and lifestyle changes to help channel their energy in the right direction, focusing on a better digestive system, natural cleansing and clarity of mind.

Looking forward to meeting you!