Skin is a reflection of the Balance or imbalance within each of our bodies rather than an issue on the surface of the skin. Ayurvedic skin care aims to identify and treat the underlying cause of skin imbalances. The first step in an ayurvedic approach to skin care is knowing your skin type. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are ayurvedic mind-body principles called doshas. They govern the activities of the mind and body and create physical, emotional and mental tendencies.

Most skin issues originate deep within the body which include digestive imbalances, weaknesses in related organs, or excess heat and toxicity circulating in the blood, imbalanced Doshas , etc. To have a healthy skin the root cause needs to be addressed rather than superficial care alone.

A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner can help you identify the root and cause of your symptoms and offer a corresponding treatment protocol to help you focus your healing efforts for the best results.


These three principles are combinations of the five elements — Vata, for example, is mostly air and space, Pitta is mainly fire and water and Kapha is primarily earth and water. A person’s ayurvedic skin type, therefore, can be Vata, Pitta or Kapha, or sometimes a combination of two of these doshas. Due to external factors such as climate, diet and lifestyle habits or environmental pollution lead to the imbalance of Doshas. Ayurveda skin care is a customised skin care taking into account the imbalance of Doshas.

Vata Skin Type

Do you have Vata Skin Type?

Vata skin is air element predominant . This skin type is generally dry, thin, cool to the touch, tends to get easily dehydrated, and very vulnerable to the influence of dry, windy weather. Dry, windy and cold weather tends to increase these Vata signs.

Pitta Skin Type

Do you have Pitta Skin?

Pitta is mostly Fire element predominant, so the Pitta skin tends to have more breakouts, pigmentation, freckles and moles.  Pitta skin is warm to the touch. They have less tolerance to hot and spicy food.

Kapha Skin Type

Do you have Kapha Skin?

Kapha dosha is predominantly Water and Earth element predominant. Kapha skin type is mostly greasy, thick, and more tolerant of the sun.


Vata-Pitta Skin Type

Do you have Vata-Pitta Skin?

Skin that is both dry and sensitive.

Vata-Pitta skin would follow the recommendations for Pitta skin in summer and Vata skin in winter. 

Kapha-Pitta Skin Type

Do you have Kapha-Pitta Skin?

Oily and sensitive skin. The Kapha-Pitta type would follow Pitta recommendations in summer and Kapha recommendations in the spring.

Vata-Kapha Skin Type

Do you have Vata-Kapha Skin?

Skin that is generally dry with some oily zones. The Vata-Kapha type would be best served by generally following Vata guidelines, with extra cleansing of the oily zones.


Skin is deeply influenced by patterns in the emotional and energetic body—stress, anger, or fear, and so forth. Emotions such as anger, rage, envy, and judgment are the most likely to exacerbate hot and oily skin conditions.


For Vata skin type is susceptible to wrinkles and premature aging and to stay youthful,  they should include some essential oils or herbs in combination which can nourish the skin and rehydrate the skin.

Adapt to a Vata pacifying lifestyle with diet and nourishment

  • Going to bed early and on time
  • Eating three regular meals
  • Following a regular daily routine 
  • Eating foods that help balance Vata and nourish the Vata skin
  • Including organic milk, whole grains and green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • Drink lukewarm water every day for internal hydration.
  • Eat sweet, juicy fruits
  • Include a little healthy fat such as ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil in your diet for added lubrication.
  • A warm-oil body massage (Abhyanga) for keeping skin lubricated.
  • Get plenty of rest so your mind and your body have the opportunity to recharge.
  • Use a gentle and mild (chemical free) moisture-balancing face cleanser.


Adapt to a Pitta pacifying lifestyle with diet and nourishment

  • Stay away from harsh, synthetic cosmetics
  • Avoid hot, spicy foods and an excess of deep-fried foods
  • Eat sweet, juicy fruits.
  • The rose is considered cooling for mind, body and emotions. Use organic rose water spray for your face (to keep it cool and hydrated)
  • Use oils like coconut oil  for the daily massage.
  • Take extra care to protect your skin when you go out in the sun.
  • Use gentle, natural skin-care products for cleansing and moisturizing.


Kapha skin, because of its thickness and oiliness, is more prone to accumulate ama (toxins) under the skin. Regular detoxification is highly recommended (internal detoxification and external detoxification) to flush toxins from the skin. Scrubbing the skin with a gentle exfoliating can help external cleansing.

Adapt to a Kapha pacifying lifestyle with diet and nourishment

  • Avoid sweet foods or deep-fried foods
  • Exercise everyday to improve circulation.
  • Drink lukewarm water every day for internal hydration.
  • A daily warm-oil massage can also help circulation.
  • Eat more organic vegetables and fruits to help cleanse the body from within.
  • Cleanse your skin twice every day, and exfoliate with a mud-mask at least once a week.